About Bakez by Shobz

There was a time when I was not really into cooking! I was one of those who preferred to eat what others cooked. I was also one of those who did not enjoy her own cooking. Not anymore though, because I had no choice but to eat what I cooked, plus my cooking has improved tremendously, thanks to an in-house “Executive Chef”…. LOL.

I have done my share of helping mum out in the kitchen in my teens. It was more of cutting veggies or cleaning chicken/fish/mutton. I can still hear my sisters crying out to my mum that I was removing the skin from the chicken. I did that cos I didn’t like the skin but they did. Thus the screaming. Bet they wouldn’t be screaming today!

I prefer baking to cooking and that I guess, can be attributed to my sweet tooth. Probably that is why I prefer baking and making desserts. That’s one excuse and the other is that I just cannot understand when someone gives a recipe and says a ‘little’ of this and a ‘little’ of that. Hello…. how much is a ‘little’ and I need the exact measures please! Anyways, later on (read much much later on in life), I realized that I kinda liked cooking. I guess when push came to shove, I had no choice but to start learning how to cook and once I got the hang of it, I actually enjoyed cooking (but still prefer baking!)

I prefer to call myself a novice, so as to get away from any mistakes….😉. I google for new recipes regularly and it’s so difficult to choose the right one, cos everyone has they own recipe/style. What I would really like is to learn how to make (a) chapatis and (b) the traditional snack items and perhaps try out all the recipes from books I have accumulated over the years and cut outs from magazines. I must not forget all the videos I have saved in facebook and book marked in google too…. sheesh!

I keep remembering the movie Julie & Julia. Noooooo, I don’t want to cook 365 dishes in a year, but will 52 in a year be a tall order for me? Let’s see how it goes and so, here goes a foodie’s journey venturing into a gourmet cooking expedition.

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