Cake Disaster

Yup, you read it right! And you’re probably wondering how and what went wrong and believe me, so am I…. ha ha ha.

I have been baking consistently for about one and half years now. I always try out the easy cakes and even my Black Forest Cake turned out very well for a first timer. I know there are basic rules to follow when baking and it’s very important to follow them to a T. I am such a stickler and will not compromise nor take short cuts; so what just happened?!

The recipe called for 2 baking tins as this was a two-tiered cake, but since my oven is a microwave convection oven, I am not able to place both baking tins at the same time. I could have baked one tin first and then the other, but is it right to leave the cake batter out till the first tin comes out? I thought I had read somewhere that you must bake the cake once the batter is ready and not leave it out too long. So I decided to bake in one tin, then slice the cake into two so that I  could frost the center to make it look like two cakes. I thought why not just halve the recipe and bake in one baking tin instead.

I did the toothpick test and it came out clean. I took the baking tin out and waited for about 10 mins before removing the cake from the tin. Then I noticed that the cake had sunk a bit in the center and when I turned the cake upside down onto a plate, the center of the cake was not baked and a little gooey. I was like…. and just didn’t know what to do at first. So, I quickly transferred the cake back into the tray and baked it for another 10 mins. It was still gooey. By this time, I had lost patience and was not in the mood to try further and just gave up. The only good thing was that I managed to salvage the circumference and the cake does taste good, if I say so myself…. ha ha.

Moral of the story is to always follow recipes for baking to a T!

P.S: I need to redeem myself and bake this cake ASAP! Do stay tuned for an update 😉

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  1. stara12 says:

    Can’t believe you got it wrong Shobz!


    1. bakezbyshobz says:

      Me too wondering what went wrong though I do have a few theories. Anyways planning to make it again to redeem myself… ha ha


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