Kidz Korner

Hi All, my nephew Tejas sometime back bullied his grandmother to make him butter sugar toast and top it off with milo powder. His ever-loving grandmother set about making the toast as per his request and when it was ready, he casually says that he was just joking!

Kidz these days! (that’s his favourite line that he uses on us!)

Well, I got to try the butter sugar milo powder toast and honestly it was very nice. I told him that I liked it very much and that’s when he suggested that I should put it up in my blog and perhaps start a blog for kids as well and that’s how this section came about.

Do stay tuned to see what nephew and aunt are up to …

Tejas’s Intro:

My name is Tejas Changaroth. I came up with the idea of Kidz Korner when Shobz was telling me how good my Milo Powder Butter Sugar toast was. I can’t wait to hear other kid’s creative recipes. I will also be looking forward to my Aunt (Shobz) adopting more of my creative ideas. So, stay tuned to see what’s brewing in the Kidz Kitchen Korner…

Millet Cookies

Today we tried out baking Millet cookies. Millet flour is gluten free… not that I am required to be gluten free but my aunt is. My aunt found this recipe from this website:

We didn’t entirely follow the recipe cos we found it a little too dry and the dough was not holding together. So, we kept adding oil which sort of ended up being a slight disaster 😭.

P.S. in my defense I would like to say that I told her so!

And BakezbyShobz would like to say that though the cookies are super soft and crumbly, it tastes really good 🙂

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