Rock Buns

I am sure most of you who took home economics in school would remember making this. In fact this would be the first thing you would learn to bake. I don’t remember ever making this after leaving school. When I came across this recipe on the internet recently, I just had to make it.

The origin of the rock bun or some call it rock cake is from the United Kingdom. It is a kind of fruit cake, but with a rough surface resembling a rock. It is light, crumbly and great for tea-time. It doesn’t require much ingredients and can be prepared very easily. I do hope you give this a try 😊

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  • Self-rising flour – 250 gm
  • Caster Sugar – 70 gm
  • Butter – 75 gm
  • Egg – 1
  • Chocolate chips – 50 gm
  • Raisins – 50 gm
  • Milk – 2 to 3 tbsp


  • Pre-heat your oven to 180° and line couple of baking trays with baking paper.
  • In a large bowl, add the butter to the flour and rub together with your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  • Add the sugar, chocolate chips and raisins into the mixture and mix well using a wooden spoon.  
  • Break the egg into a small bowl and beat with a fork. Add the egg to the mixing bowl and mix well.
  • If the mixture does not stick together, you may add 1-2 tbsp of milk until the mixture is firm enough to stand alone on the baking tray.
  • Using the ice cream scoop, place heaps of the mixture on the tray. They do not have to be neat as it should look rock-like.
  • Bake in your pre-heated oven for around 15 minutes or until golden brown in colour.
  • Allow to cool a little on their trays before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

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